The RUSH TANK II is here, featuring higher input voltage range (up to 8S), ever better filtering, a locking mechanism on the harness plug, and pads specifically for adding an AGC Mic!

The TANK is a high quality Video Transmitter featuring strong anti-interference ability, power filtering, stable transmission, and more! Full metal casing with 30x30 stack mounts make this VTX truly a TANK. Rush's LOCK-ON technology eliminates frequency drift, allowing up to 8 quads in the air at once with no interference!

Rush FPV Tank II Ultimate 30x30 25-800mW 5.8GHz VTX - MMCX

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    • Four adjustable levels of transmitting power. (PIT/25/200/500/800/mW) The superior performance of Tank Racing VTX allows 8 quads to race in the same band, without interference.
    • Side LED indicators mean more intuitive status reading. 
    • Impregnable: The newly designed power filtering system allows TANK RACING VTX to work stably with any power system within its limits without interference from power supply.
    • Power LUT: Built- in high precision power lookup table which performs milliwatt power calibration for all channels. Full band has it’s own
      unique power output. In multi pilot flight, all pilots will benefit from this and obtain a fair and consistent signal.
    • LOCK-ON: Frequency drift is completely eliminated, the full frequency band power is constant, 8 pilots compete at once easily.
    • Silent setting: The intelligent transmit circuit of TANK will not generate any interference signal during the switching and setting of VTX.
    • SmartAudio protocol authorized by TBS. This can be set with RGB LEDs by conventional double buttons, which can then access SmartAudio to set up and view the VTX information via the OSD menu.
    • Pit Mode: After entering the pit mode, the VTX power will be reduced to minimum. The video feed is only visible to yourself at close range, so don't worry about disturbing others.
    • Tank Armor: Under the fully covered metal case there are 6 layers of PCB after waterproofing work. VTX is fully protected, avoiding external
      interference and achieving ultra high heat dissipation efficiency.
    • Simple installation, Intuitive operation.