The Raven is the product of Redux Air's Electronic Speed  Controller (ESC) theory, and subsequent frame development program. ESCs can be designed to be a specific size, make a certain current output, or durability. Due to the available semiconductor technology, and thermodynamics, it is only possible to choose two of the aforementioned characteristics of an Electronic Speed Controller. We choose power and durability. In drone racing, you need repeatability which means practice and also durability, and not having to worry about catching fire in heavy competition. This means we needed bigger ESCs. We still wanted to be as light as possible, and be as well balanced as possible for accurate control. Most frames were designed to be one-size-fits-all or had size limitations with the intent of weight savings.

Their solution was to do the exact opposite of popular racing drone frames and design a 20x20 frame that could fit, and offer protection a 30.5x30.5 or 20x20 stack with a big ESC. 20x20 ESCs with full-size MOSFETs are the technological hotness. Being lighter than nearly all of the popular 20x20 frames and bigger ESC fitment was their goal. Crash durability was another characteristic that was developed meticulously by their engineers and team pilots. In addition to larger ESC fitment, some of their pilots wanted to use Micro cameras like the RunCam Racer 3 while others wanted to use Nano cameras. You can use whatever camera you like with a Raven! We hit all the marks. 

The Raven is a serious competitor at any level of drone racing, as it offers insanely lightweight, lightning-fast agility, and on-rails cornering stability, it’s locked in! Paired with a 96KHz-capable ESC, and smooth your DVR will look as locked-in as a roller coaster!


Redux Air Raven 5-Inch Race Frame With T700 Pieces

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  • Specifications:

    • 58.2-59 GRAMS ASSEMBLED (without TPU)

    • 7075 Aluminum reinforced CNC core plate

    • Toray T300 Carbon Fiber 2mm-thick top/bottom plates
    • Toray T700 Carbon Fiber 5mm-thick arms

    • Centered Flight Controller stack mounting 

    • Fits traditional 20x20 ESCs like Talon Gigawatt and AK32PIN, and larger ESCs like the Aikon AK32Pro, Hobbywing 60A, and T-Motor F55A Pro

    • Fits nano cameras and micro cameras 

    • Accommodates up to 5.2-inch props

    • 35-60 degrees of camera up-tilt

    • TPU Parts available on Thingiverse 

    • 205mm wheelbase

    • Stretched-X arm geometry

    • Sub-250g builds possible (without battery)

    • Premium steel hardware