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This ESC is so good that we couldn't keep it in stock for more than a little while! Now there is a second version!

Redux32 F4 128Khz 50A 20x20 4-in-1 ESC Nano

SKU: 002
  • Features:

    • High-performance 32-bit microcontroller unit running at a 152MHz clock speed for unparalleled performance.
    • Comes flashed from the factory with BLHeli_32 to make setup faster.
    • Special hardware/software combination to prevent loss of sync.
    • Supports beacon functionality and can be programmed to beep if the craft is lost or power is low.
    • Runs FLAWLESSLY at 128KHz PWM Frequency with no loss of sync.
    • Includes a 28v TVS Diode on the battery pad to further mitigate voltage spikes which greatly improves crash survivability. 
    • Exceedingly low latency due to MCU operating at more than twice the speed of comparable ESCs.