Prop design priority list:
#1 Cruising speed
#2 Efficiency
#3 Response
#4 Durability


Bob Roogi worked very carefully on this prop with Gemfan in order to deliver a specific performance target. The goal of this prop is to have higher cruising speed with more efficiency without loosing too much response. The larger disk size of 5.21" also provides improved handling for todays 5" quads that are usually around or beyond 650g. The resulting prop its all the performance metrics and is called the "I Love You" prop because 521 loosely translates to I love you in Chinese languages.

Gemfan 5226 (The 5.21" I Love You Prop)

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    • Material: PC
    • Weight: 4.1g
    • Pitch: 2.6 (this doesn't really matter)
    • Prop Dia: 132mm
    • Center Thickness: 6mm
    • Center Hole Dia: 5mm
    • Includes: 2CW + 2CCW Props
    • ~2306-2507 or comparable motor weighing ~29-35g
    • ~1700-100kv - 6S
    • Max recommended quad weight for any 5" is about 780g AUW - lower is better
    • Particularly good for 5" quads above 650g.