Bob Roogi's new batch of 5" motors! You know, the one we've been waiting for for months.


Some words from Bob Roogi:


"This is our signature motor with uniquely tuned performance for crafts built around the 5" range of props.  If there was anything we are truly proud of, it is this motor.  The most notable features are enhanced throttle control AND high power output at the same time when compared to any 2207, 2306, 2307 or other similar size motor.  The power output is comparable to a 2407 of similar Kv however throttle control is improved and easier to manage.

We’ve also developed the 5.21” prop with Gemfan to further expand the performance window of the motor.  Because the ~5” crafts of today are higher weight due to heavier GoPro’s, more disk area helps improve the control performance.  At the same time, the larger blade allows for higher cruising speeds and more efficiency with a less aggressive airfoil to improve response.  The end result is a craft that moves better than it should with more control than it should have.  For general use, we recommend the Gemfan 51433 or 5.21”x2.6 (5226) prop.  For high response and high speed freestyle, switch to the Gemfan F4.  For more confined spaces, consider the Gemfan F3 which has extremely fast response but less speed.  We do not recommend the 5236 as this prop has increased load and less response than the 5226 variant for no added speed.

This is a fifth generation motor that has all the bugs worked out.  Compared to the previous motor on the market, it has a larger 10mm bearing and thicker bell construction for improved durability.  The overall power output is about 4-5% higher with slightly faster response while drawing slightly fewer amps at the same time."


FPV Cycle 5" motor - 1870KV, 2150KV

  • 16x16 M3 mount
    M5 size prop shaft

  • FPV Cycle 25mm motor:
    5.1” or 5.21” props.  (Gemfan F4 or 5226 are good options)
    GNB 6S 1100mah 130C, 1250mah 120C or comparable battery
    AUW under 730g with a GoPro Hero.
    AUW under 600g for a racing class quad.

    If you can somehow achieve 580g AUW with the same performance battery as the GNB 6S 1100mah 130C, performance is pure awesome.